Creative commentary plus crafty composition

As any true, long-time aficionado is aware, Laura Palmer’s prediction from ‘The Red Room’ in the final episode of the original TWIN PEAKS came true, albeit the actual airing of new episodes a year late. (The fact that she was technically deceased at the time makes the prescience even more impressive.)

In fact, her declaration “I’ll see you again in 25 years” was repeated at the beginning of the first episode of ‘TWIN PEAKS: The Return’. Indeed, not only were we reminded about the prediction, but also the story is picking up where it left off, effectively in real time.

So, some long-term commitments can be met, even in an artistic climate of evolving uncertainty.

Story layering is at times interwoven, other times tangential; lessons applicable to real life must be sifted through the strands.

Nevertheless, based on the unique world that is TWIN PEAKS, some revelations do emerge:

  • Your doppelganger is not your friend
  • Sometimes the dead do speak to us, especially if they have an afterlife in an otherworld setting
  • Owls are not the only creatures that are not what they seem
  • A log doesn’t have to be inscribed to have a message
  • Being a receptionist in a sheriff’s office can continue to be satisfying work over decades
  • If something comes at you through glass, the impact may not be favourable
  • Some things are more important than a spouse being arrested
  • Popularity in high school does not ensure a long and happy life
  • There’s more than one way to be far away
  • Doing the right thing in someone else’s estimation doesn’t mean being rewarded

Naturally, with material this rich and textured, there are other messages, which may emerge later.

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