Creative commentary plus crafty composition

In a recent posting, The Look of Reflection, it was noted that the human impulse to making comparisons seems pervasive. Therefore, finding effective strategies helps us to cope, and hopefully in time thrive.

It’s worth considering that there are many other available strategies to reflect on, for uncovering and energizing the ‘better you’.

Such as…

  • Take out a self-portrait and bend the picture, so you can see how you really look from a different perspective
  • Buy a ladder to generate the feeling of climbing higher, while avoiding the pitfall of being rung out
  • Become a social media crusader, dedicated to helping mankind crush out incorrect personal details spreading through ‘the cloud’
  • Find a pond of still water to ponder what your reflection says, while resisting the temptation to skip stones
  • Let other people see and experience the ‘real’ you: avoid using make-up, flossing teeth, and showering more than once a week
  • Broaden the washing instruction of ‘drip dry’ to protect yourself whenever someone else too close to you is ‘all wet’
  • Let a friend or relative down at least once a week, so the feeling of being an unpredictable, imperfect person is easy to maintain
  • Don’t feel compelled to keeping up with the Joneses, unless they owe you money and are trying to skip town
  • Have a contest to see who in your peer group is the most IT conversant, then convince that person to give free seminars to the rest of you
  • Strive for a modest level of amorality in situations where morality is too taxing, and immorality is too irreverent

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