Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Anyone exposed to conventional media such as television knows that the early part of the year is replete with award shows. Those that are televised, at least broadly, they tend to be affairs which take the ceremonies and nominations seriously, while ‘under the lights’.

However, as in life, there are some parts of the awards world which fall between the cracks.

Here’s a list of some ‘under the radar’ award celebrations, which some in society deem worthwhile, televised or not:

  • Celebrity aquatic and aviary pets
  • Alternative facts promoters
  • Unceasingly entranced, binge viewers
  • Euphemistically optimistic weather forecasters
  • Inscrutable talk show guesting
  • Altruistic social media proponents
  • Writers of unsold screenplays (by genre)
  • Holders of irrelevant university or college degrees
  • Activist groupies
  • Holders of unrecognized professional credentials
  • Hangover survivors
  • Exemplary feats of narcissism

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