Creative commentary plus crafty composition

When the laws of survival collide with the abandon of Halloween

  • Invite zombies over to your house for a proactive version of ‘trick or treat’
  • Have a ‘dance till you drop’ party for fans still around from the 1975 release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Make a costume which is part fluorescent and part phosphorescent
  • Hold auditions for best ghost in an authentic haunted house
  • Challenge gangs in dark alleys to see if they‘re just trick-or-treating
  • Hold a body snatchers party and neglect to keep track of the number of participants
  • Put together a Simpsons’ ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode in the high branches of a thin trunked tree
  • Try out ‘dial-a-vigilante’ to help animate the neighbourhood
  • Turn your giant pumpkin into a spotlight by piling in the candles
  • Put on eerie music, without concern that it continues playing when the power goes off


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