Creative commentary plus crafty composition


The new year and its incumbent weather is upon us, so time to escape with updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • Sure, you got taken for a ride, but it could have been for money
  • Now that we have to pay the entry fee by weight, the machine is taking its toll on you
  • This landscapes board game is so possession focused, it has a card allowing you to take the scenic route
  • The talk shop has a policy that it charges by the half-hour, not by the number of words spoken
  • Just because she wants strong tea doesn’t mean it should become a tempest in a teapot
  • You can flavour it as a taste of your own, medicine-based or not
  • If you believe the sea is alive, let’s test the waters and see how smart they are
  • Tell it to me straight by holding a long ruler in front of you
  • When we saw the teacher’s pet of the animal shelter dog, we figured it would be a nice visit
  • Thank your lucky star player for scoring a fluky point to get us a tie game








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