Creative commentary plus crafty composition


The end of January is nigh, so time to enjoy the occasion with the 50th edition of updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • When I visit someone and find out the hard way their fireplace is real, that burns me up
  • Until a different design of the ball becomes popular, that’s the way the ball bounces
  • That’s a wrap for the last mummy to be put on display
  • The first one of you that hits the spot wins the drooling contest
  • Here’s the compromise: this group takes the fruit basket, while that takes the cake
  • You could say that was cold-blooded since the plasma came directly from refrigeration
  • It feels like that’s a load off my mind, now that the blocks of wood have been lifted from my head
  • One package of seeds is for planting, while that’s for the birds  
  • Believe it or not, that’s the ticket I was about to throw away until I discovered it was a winner
  • That’s water under the bridge, for those of you needing a basic lesson in traffic design over rivers and streams

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