Creative commentary plus crafty composition


There is a long held view that striving for challenging, but achievable, goals is important

  • Take some vocal lessons so you’ll be prepared to sing a new tune
  • When engaging with others, borrow a turf roller to ensure you’re on a level playing field
  • Be prepared to clear up mistakes by carrying white-out with you at all times
  • Chew on gum and elastic bands to increase your flexibility
  • Take clay sculpture lessons with someone you admire so you can fashion a role model
  • When climbing the ladder of success, remember two rungs don’t make a right
  • Colour in the design that your frame of mind be in the picture
  • Plan to have a good Sunday dinner, it will be a warm-up to planning in the evening
  • If you find yourself continuously coming up short, wear more lifts
  • Be a meticulous, honest, and supportive editor of your autobiographical screenplay

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