Creative commentary plus crafty composition

For those inspired by the more outré versions of TV programming, ‘TWIN PEAKS’ has represented one of the iconic lynchpins (or, perhaps more accurately, Lynch-pins). It has displayed a chunk of the world with unique, somewhat relatable, people operating from ethical codes which supported their behaviour in bizarre events and developments.

The dream-like atmosphere around the eccentric characters in the original 1990s series was enhanced by a haunting, hypnotic music score.

In an uncommon example of art imitating art, a seemingly oblique reference to revisiting this world at a certain point in the future actually came to pass. A sequel series, following elapsed real time, was released over the past few months with eighteen new episodes.

In the opinion of yours truly, a supporter of the original series being considered in the realm of ‘TV too good for TV’, this reincarnation displayed a little too much deference to the writers’ palette, too many obscure parts of the puzzle, too much self indulgence in creating excessively drawn-out scenes.

That said, there’s much to like in new grist for the speculative mill, involving symbolism, meaning, and implication. Once again, true art leaves cogitation and interpretation space to bloom.

As with the original series, there are a range of life-related lessons which can be deciphered, perhaps with patience or with glue…

  • You can go home again, but if it’s 25 years later home may be quite different
  • If a sooty-looking fellow wants your attention, watch where his hands are
  • It isn’t really a doppelganger if it’s really you
  • The sounds of silence after awhile can make time irritating
  • There will always be a market for large, black cars
  • Beware the insular, former co-worker who still smokes too much
  • Some people can get away with unchanged work habits over decades
  • The quality of piercing screams is not tamed
  • Black & white depictions are often more ominous than colour versions
  • There’s something about rings which ripples on invisibly…
  • Distinguishing the future from the past may require more analysis than one would expect

After all, sometimes an ending really is only a beginning,



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