Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The pending glow of the summer solstice shines on more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • You can pound the pavement all you want, but if there’s any answer I’m getting outa’ here
  • Rather than preach to the converted why not save your voice and just give them a pamphlet?
  • It’s much gentler if instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, one lets it scamper away when ready
  • Saying someone’s quiet as a church mouse doesn’t work in a parish where rodents have singing roles
  • If you insist on pushing the envelope it will take days to get it in the mailbox
  • As soon as she would pull the wool over my eyes my allergy to the fibres would kick in
  • Insisting it happened quick as a New York minute unfairly implies that all their residents have an edge in the time/space continuum
  • To declare it’s pure as the driven snow implies the snow was riding inside a clean vehicle
  • By pulling your leg they were able quickly to limit the discomfort from your cramp
  • The best way to leave him in the dark using only your hands is to punch his lights out

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