Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The first half of the year is almost done, however, there’s still plenty more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • She shouldn’t be pushing up daisies if she expects them to grow properly
  • It should rain on my parade of seedlings according to the latest forecast
  • It’s much easier to push your buttons on with fine thread and patience
  • Put a cork in it if your lure is too heavy and you don’t have anything lighter
  • If there are too many feelers lit to help stoke the fire then simply put out some feelers
  • If you can’t even raise the bar of chocolate you should seriously gulp down some vitamins
  • Remember, Mr. Snake, if you make another rattle your cage won’t be cleaned today
  • While it was a meaty transaction, the books were only half cooked so we got the raw end of the deal
  • Your less valuable foot may be looking for direction but be sure to put your best foot forward
  • The criminology student had to go back and read the fine print because she couldn’t remember what the penalty chart indicated

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