Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Who knows what lies inside the minds of top insurance salespeople? The June/July issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal knows, thanks to reports of the 2015 Canada Sales Congress, held May 20th in Toronto.

Here are excerpts of ‘some wise words’ and ‘advicelets’ from top sales presenters:

  • Do something every day which has the potential to earn you $1,000, write it down and then do it
  • Check out new life prospects on Facebook; “Do you want to preserve your Facebook lifestyle regardless of what happens?”
  • “Confidence is not arrogance; it’s the confidence that comes out of that conviction. It’s the confidence that allows the client to participate…”
  • “Selling is the transfer of conviction from the mind of the seller to the mind of the buyer.”
  • Be an educator, taking complicated products and making it easy for clients to understand
  • “Are you the OWNER of an insurance plan or are you a MEMBER of an insurance plan?”
  • Tell your prospect what you do in one sentence
  • “Find a mentor who is willing to share with you and who can help you grow your business”
  • People are drowning in information but starving for knowledge. “…have as much knowledge as possible to share with the individuals who come by”

Common denominators: ‘Masters’ concentrate on business areas they like, understand and believe in.  They work hard, have systems in place, are creative but simple, care, take their business seriously, and make plans instead of excuses.

Amazing how simple and prosaic such basic wisdoms are.  They don’t reinvent the wheel, they just continuously fine-tune it.

That said, for most licensed insurance agents, like others in sales, there’s still a lot of devil in the details.

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