Creative commentary plus crafty composition

We are on the cusp of the two shortest months of daylight as we near the winter solstice; how can we turn this to advantage

  • Greater atmosphere for telling ghost stories
  • When you carry away that holiday party glow, more people will be able to see it
  • More chance to pursue the timeless ‘fewer calories, taste great’ debates
  • Less likely to be seen gorging the last of the Halloween candy
  • When you tell someone they’re leaving you in the dark, at least it’s literally true
  • The holiday season provides more occasions to see in person family and friends you’ve only been able to communicate with by the minute through social media
  • Higher presence of energy efficient light bulbs serves as nostalgic throwback to days of oil lamps
  • More opportunities to watch overpaid athletes freezing in the great outdoors
  • More time to test out those homemade candles
  • That much closer to the end of ubiquitous holiday season advertising and programming

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