Creative commentary plus crafty composition

November means darkness by dinner, all the better to brighten things up with enriched clichés (with originals in italics):

  • To make it easier to navigate across the deeply entrenched soapstone, he put a step on it
  • You may have to stick a fork in it if we cannot find any more spoons for the pudding
  • Bring your sad look to a stop and smell the roses your co-workers brought in for your birthday
  • They planted a stick in the mud to let us know which path they were not taking
  • Please don’t act like a stiff as a board game for the whole family is about to begin
  • Over there is the hallow drum to be closed off, so if you stick it in your ear will be relieved of more reverberations
  • If it could talk, a stone’s throw away line would be that it prefers rock music to other versions  
  • By hiding the gift in the closet we’ll be able to stick it where the sun don’t shine
  • Threading close to the time limit will save a few, but a stitch in time saves nine
  • If your holsters are missing, you can temporarily stick to your guns by using soluble glue  

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