Creative commentary plus crafty composition

In the Black

Today is ‘Black Friday’.

Unlike conventional associations with the word black, outside of its description as a colour (notwithstanding the view that black represents an absence of colour), today’s version means seeing green ($$$) for retailers and perhaps a rainbow of high and low emotions for shoppers.

Remember when black instinctively conferred a negative impression:  ‘Black Monday’, when the stock markets plunged in October 1987, or ‘black days’ in general when terrible news concerning war casualties, plant closings, etc. occurred?

Now we have the retail meaning of black as golden opportunity.  But why should ‘Black Friday’ hog the appealing spotlight?  One can imagine other more positive spins on using expressions in the black.

For instance, being in a ‘black mood’ can now mean you’re feeling energetic.

Having a ‘black mark’ on your record will mean you’re financially adept.

‘Black holes’ can be interpreted as clear sailing ahead.

Dealing with ‘black and white’ issues becomes cherry picking happy options.

‘Fading to black’ becomes like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

And being bruised ‘black and blue’ will clearly be less painful.  (I guess sports teams who assume their black dominant uniforms will really be pussy cats.)

Where did I put those blacklight bulbs?

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