Creative commentary plus crafty composition

A TV show that has been around as long as THE SIMPSONS has had its own life cycles, disguised by its animated construct.   Although the characters technically haven’t aged, the way they appear, and the increasingly tangential nature of their world, have gone through a version of evolution. Even the annual “Treehouse of Horror” satires and parodies have gone past exploring easier source material (such as with the classic “The Shinning”) to the extent that even the aliens don’t appear as regularly as they used to. Ah well, that’s show biz.

Anyone who has seen the program – a long-time fixture at 8:00 pm on Sundays – in the past seasons has likely heard a familiar celebrity voice or three as guest character, adding their own gravitas to the auditory roles. What has become a cultural icon has also, somewhat, taken advantage of redefining itself through outside influences bringing known personas, often playing on their own stereotypes. Saves some work for the writers.

One can readily appreciate that the main characters themselves of THE SIMPSONS have gone through inevitable change. That mixing bowl of family related material, plus scoops of interaction with the diverse cast of Springfield (i.e. many town, U.S.A.), have given its international audience satirical exposure to many human-like foibles, mixed with the odd successful serendipity. Some of these life lessons may apply to us in the real (sic) world…

  • If you really want to escape peer pressure, be prepared to repeat the same grade in school for many years
  • Rolling in the dough may be a good outcome, but verbally rolling in too much ‘D’oh!’ isn’t
  • They don’t make couches like they used to
  • Writing repeatedly on a blackboard can lead to some useful, if discomforting, insights
  • Multimillionaire bosses may behave in a selfish, evil way, but they can still get along with hounds
  • Some looks of daily attire or grooming are truly timeless
  • The life-span of household pets can be expanded existentially through animation
  • A bouffant tower of hair will stay in place, and spring back into place after being bent in a car, as long as it’s blue
  • One can be an ignorant, self-absorbed slob, with a poor work ethic, yet still find time to be an unpremeditated trouble-maker
  • Having at least nine lives around Halloween is a good back-up plan
  • Solo business owners may have to greatly dilute their ethics along with other liquids they serve
  • Hospitals and churches can keep up appearances with snappy slogans

Thanks to modern video and social media, these lessons can live for many years to come!


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