Creative commentary plus crafty composition

I recently re-discovered a booklet for consultants containing oft-attention getting, and hopefully to some extent business generating, concepts. Some ideas seem universal, but need to be kept up-to-date

  • Charity events, should be selected in consideration of which services being supported might have personal relevance in the future
  • Community gardens, come with a built-in implication of watching for what varieties and substances are being encouraged to grow
  • Public service announcements, provide a platform for measuring how much time one could use in vocal and speaker training
  • Marriage and divorce financial seminars, recognize challenges faced in modern relationships, while one needs to be diplomatically alert to the same people showing up at both sessions
  • Auto cleaning or emergency kits, help protect an asset often used by customers to attend meetings
  • Cooking classes, will likely work better if no prima donnas emerge early on, because after all, everyone’s likes to be cooking
  • Fitness programs, can help one determine – unofficially – how good (or bad) a prospect appears as a candidate for living benefits protection
  • Movie premieres, may allow for some demographic targeting, but can also illustrate how monies can be wasted when the final product doesn’t look right
  • Dancing lessons, can have a non-verbal benefit, in that one may learn moves to help make it easier for one’s actions to match one’s words
  • Fishing seminars, are obviously fitting environments in which to unhurriedly land a big one

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