Creative commentary plus crafty composition

More extensions of a booklet for consultants containing attention getting, and hopefully to some extent business generating, concepts; somewhat universal, but needing to be kept up-to-date

  • Travel dinner shows, allow dreams of bucket-list destinations to take centre stage, wherein the focus is on the destination, not the journey
  • Golf pro clinics and tournament dinners, encourage a swinging time wherein any volatility issues apply personally, not to outside forces or events seeking positively spun explanations
  • Snowmobile tours, provide some outdoor adventure during an otherwise indoor cocooning time of year, where a snow job is actually encouraged
  • Career counselors, can encourage serious reflection on career paths and options, but if this impacts one’s personal aspirations it should be disguised from clients or prospects
  • Phone habits, still have an important place in communication, notwithstanding social media, and should focus on probing with positive, open-minded language rather than just patching the cord
  • Matching gift programs, can come across as more self-indulgently innovative if the concept shifts to contests in exchanging very similar gifts
  • Portraits, can be touched up to enhance the end product more easily than many other forms of communication, which are being increasingly regulated
  • Concert tickets, provide a good opportunity for a supplier to practice juggling, as one attempts to minimize costs while organizing a maximized experience for attendees
  • Entrepreneurial breakfasts, have the immediate potential roadblock of usually being held in early morning, an anathema time for many to be sound of mind and sociable
  • Professional networking, is an opportunity to practice a form of chess, in that one moves based on the value and inter-relationship of ‘pieces’, but has to allow for confrontations and slide-steps





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