Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Remember when holidays pretty much were celebrated on the actual day?

Now, no doubt in part for commercial purposes, promotion has largely turned them into multi-day, if not multi-week, events.

Which still leaves some latitude in how the spirit might be defined this time of year…

  • Everyone named Patrick is given a mulligan for the day
  • The best of the morning means having draft beverages for breakfast
  • Exercise classes add extra twirls to bring out that green feeling
  • Leprechauns are treated with a short amount of respect
  • Green tag sales mainly comprise green tags
  • The Hulk, the Green Goblin, and Green Lantern perform their yearly folk trio
  • Wearing of the green can be induced uninvited by regurgitation
  • Potato eye collectors hold their largest conventions
  • The Green Party everywhere is thought of as a place to have fun
  • Irish eyes may still be able to smile, but eyes of the less practiced will spend time trying to focus





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