Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The use of humour is one of the most effective tools a speaker can use to humanize or change the flavour of a message – within reason

  • Arrange for squishy pads to be spread all over the floor so audience members will feel funny when they enter the room
  • Use anecdotes from daily life, cut and shaved to leave the ‘slipping on a banana peel’ parts
  • Toss out puzzle pieces of cut up paper money and watch as audience members try to piece them together before realizing they’re counterfeit
  • Switch to mime in lieu of four-letter words and let audience imaginations go to work
  • If material falls flat, sprinkle those pages with baking powder and put them in a microwave
  • Whenever there’s a lull, pick on anyone wearing a sweater in the front row
  • Have an associate relax the giant rubber band surrounding the audience to release tension
  • Follow the tried and true trilogy of integrity, honesty, and blank stares
  • Have a comedy ‘buddy’ off-stage, in case a relief humourist becomes necessary
  • Whenever a punch line is coming, put on a boxing glove

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