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Clichés Upgraded – Part XLI

It’s the last official week of summer, so here’s to enjoying it with more enriched clichés (with the originals in italics):

  • I know they like to personify their gun collection, but having a shotgun wedding is too much
  • After the intimidating speaker moved the listeners to silence the crowd relaxed with the sound of the lunch bell
  • As an animal imitator he goes the whole hog from being healthy as a horse to acting sick as a dog
  • I know letter writing skills aren’t what they once were but it shouldn’t be hard to keep the right order of signed, sealed, and delivered
  • Since you have no more money or cashables to invest in the project, all that’s left is to sink your teeth into it
  • Silence is golden compared to all the work in dealing with the silver lining or the brass ring
  • To cool off, we can dip our heads and arms in the sink or swim in the neighbours’ pool when they’re away
  • Sauntering on connected stove parts is dangerous, so you better shuffle off this mortal coil
  • Did you see the cartoon where Elmer Fudd calls “Shut your hole” when he catches Bugs Bunny trying to escape?
  • The interspecies section is over there, where your friend is already sitting in the catbird seat

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