Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Canada’s federal election is one month from today, with outdoor signs less meaningful given the fluid immediacy of social media – leaving opportunity for a different kind of messaging…

  • If you don’t vote for us, we’ll tell your neighbours how old you are
  • Vote for Ivan, only his temper is terrible
  • You can depend on the Rip Van Party to sleep on the job when times demand it
  • A vote for the Regressive Party is a step back in the right direction
  • We’re the Vulture Party, because we don’t discriminate against leftovers   
  • Sam is truly a basket case, but that’s the core of the Wicker Party
  • Only the Wind Blows Party ensures all directions are eventually covered
  • You can count on us to keep our feet on the ground in the Paw Party
  • With the O.K. Party you can hang up on us if you feel like it 
  • Mary stands tall with the Detergent Party, where we always clean up  

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