Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The Rules – circling the writers:

(a) “Once you’re hired for a job, there’s a very high anxiety level, which just stays in the background – it’s sort of like a white noise of ‘What’s gonna happen to me on this adventure? Am I gonna make it down the river? When are the giant falls with the writer-eating crocodiles in ‘em gonna come? Are they gonna come way down the river? Are they gonna come right away, which they do sometimes?’  You know, you turn in your first draft, and good-bye.  Or maybe you’re gonna sail way down the river and get it close to production, and then something bad is gonna happen.  Or, in a rare case, you’re gonna make it all the way through.”

(b) “Everybody wants to be creative.  Everybody.  They’re trying to influence the movie so they can be proud of it.  So you just see how bad the suggestion is and see if you can live with it…  If it’s the worst thing in the world and it destroys your idea, then you have to stand up and say, ‘I can’t do that. That’s just gonna ruin this’.”

(c) “Writers don’t own the very product that makes this whole business flourish – and that’s not right…  There’s a kind of underlying anger in every writer in Hollywood at how misused we all are by the business.  It is really cruel on some levels that writers have so little participation in the work they create.  You know, to be a writer and to have to fight to go to the premiere of your movie, or to be allowed on the set where they’re shooting your movie – it’s not right.”

Excerpted with quotes from (a) Mark D. Rosenthal & (b) John Carpenter & (c) Bruce Joel Rubin   

                                                                     Tales from the Script (2010)

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