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What’s in Those Titles?

An article in the April issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal tackles the issue of forthcoming restrictions on the use of financial planning titles in Ontario.

Some forks in the road needing consolidation are at the heart of this thorny issue. (more…)

Being Advised

As we come toward the end of another calendar year, many Canadians will try to wade through a range of activities and other personal commitments.

Among issues historically many of us take stock of is our financial situation. It may involve looking to trigger capital losses to offset taxable income (gains), maximizing annual RESP or RRSP contributions (the latter with its 60 days’ grace period into the next year), and bigger picture issues such as how our investments portfolio has performed over the year, or even how effective our relationship is with our financial institution(s). (more…)

Whoa! The Orphan Client

When I was in the financial services industry, one of the client servicing issues I dealt with, on the insurance side, concerned what have been termed ‘orphan clients’.

Such clients came about from departed representatives, tending to fall into a category of not high priority allocation, or at least not priority follow-up. They might be awaiting a trigger for administrative staff to arrange a replacement agent. (These times were on the cusp of tighter compliance expectations.) (more…)

Out-of-the-Box Niche Insurance

Reflective of certain realities of modern life, a heretofore little known niche market of insurance protection is gaining awareness among financial professionals.

An article in the current month edition of The Insurance & Investment Journal discusses how kidnap and ransom coverage is being offered by a limited number of international insurers. The appeal is described as “growing amongst singles and families from middle class to high net worth who might be at high risk if members are volunteering, traveling, living or working abroad in unstable or high risk countries”. (more…)

Future Finance

Key trends affecting the future of the financial industry in Canada concern five evolving areas, according to an article in the August issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal. As discussed in a major Chartered Financial Analyst conference held in Montreal in May, these concepts are identified as: robo-advice; big data; cyber-security risks; social media; and responsible investment.

Underlying these trends’ expanding roles is the belief that “Everyone wants more advice about their investments and that advice is very expensive”. (more…)

The Three-Step On-Line Process

We intrinsically realize there is a process to making purchase decisions. If the purchase is small, especially a repeat, the procedure is rather narrow, straightforward; simplicity is magnified by convention. The more significant the product or service, wherein lacking expertise makes us more vulnerable to outside influences, the more elaborate the operation becomes. (more…)

Ten More ‘Ageless’ Marketing Ideas

More extensions of a booklet for consultants containing attention getting, and hopefully to some extent business generating, concepts; somewhat universal, but needing to be kept up-to-date

  • Travel dinner shows, allow dreams of bucket-list destinations to take centre stage, wherein the focus is on the destination, not the journey
  • Golf pro clinics and tournament dinners, encourage a swinging time wherein any volatility issues apply personally, not to outside forces or events seeking positively spun explanations (more…)