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Successful Succession

One of the most important duties of anyone leaving a business which is intended to continue in some manner is succession planning. Especially if family run, or involving tangible goods, the process should be easier: there is familiarity, incentive, and more solid inventory to work with in valuation. However, in determining fair valuation of an intangible, service-oriented ‘book of business’, the process is more complicated and subject to interpretation. (more…)

Minting Customers

The Royal Canadian Mint has become much more than a creator and distributor of Canadian daily coinage. In addition to special orders for foreign governments, transit authorities, etc., it has expanded offerings to the world of coin collectors and investors, in Canada and beyond. (more…)

They Are Not Tripping

According to a report in the April issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal, the travel industry is seeing many incentive trips for sales leaders sailing into the sunset.

A number of top insurance firms in Canada have announced, or are unveiling, plans to veer away from such programs, beginning with industry giant Great-West Life. (more…)

Perhaps Holmes Can Provide Advice Too

Two articles in a recent issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal provide perspectives on the potential impact of artifical intelligence on advice given by (human) financial advisors and brokers.

One refers to recently emerged services such as Weathsimple, filling in the gap generated by many younger investors not having sufficient assets to engage a traditional advisor, many also lacking the confidence or support to invest on their own via the discount market. Thus the ‘robo-advice’ model seeks to offer “the value of a smart portfolio with the simplicity of the experience”. (more…)

A Study of Ebbs & Flows

Now that I’m back from a prolonged, on-line, technically generated hiatus

The March issue of The Investment & Insurance Journal includes the results of a research project looking at how compensation could impact advisor behaviour, in relation to mutual fund sales and redemptions.

The source study was conducted last fall, on behalf of IFIC (The Investment Funds Institute of Canada). Behaviours focused on were how investors and their advisors choose specific funds, as well as the influencers on fund assets, arched by the role of compensation. (more…)

The Blue and the Grey Monday

Even though I’m no longer part of the active workforce, there’s something about Monday, especially the morning, which still gives it a uniquely discomfiting feel compared to any other day of the week.

Moreover, when you couple that with dreary weather, the palette for a picture to make the day worthwhile has some duller colours to work with.  Of course, more creative artists can still find ways to carve out a pretty picture. (more…)

Perhaps Time to Mint Some Change

It seems that not much is sacred concerning institutions these days.  Try to find an institutional body or modus operandi which doesn’t have serious detractors; it will be a short list.

As I was reminded at a presentation earlier today, the electoral system in Canada is on the precipice of a major structural shift. (more…)