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As any true, long-time aficionado is aware, Laura Palmer’s prediction from ‘The Red Room’ in the final episode of the original TWIN PEAKS came true, albeit the actual airing of new episodes a year late. (The fact that she was technically deceased at the time makes the prescience even more impressive.)

In fact, her declaration “I’ll see you again in 25 years” was repeated at the beginning of the first episode of ‘TWIN PEAKS: The Return’. Indeed, not only were we reminded about the prediction, but also the story is picking up where it left off, effectively in real time. (more…)

Life Lessons from BILLIONS

A product of cable network Showtime, BILLIONS has just completed a high impact second season. The schedule expanded from the original season of ten episodes to twelve.

BILLIONS has become a modern times, high quality organic product. It showcases fast-paced dramatic writing with actors inhabiting their roles in stark transitions of settings. This mix of properties is a dependable formula for customer, i.e. viewer, loyalty. (more…)

What’s in Those Titles?

An article in the April issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal tackles the issue of forthcoming restrictions on the use of financial planning titles in Ontario.

Some forks in the road needing consolidation are at the heart of this thorny issue. (more…)

TOP ‘Under the Radar’ Award Shows

Anyone exposed to conventional media such as television knows that the early part of the year is replete with award shows. Those that are televised, at least broadly, they tend to be affairs which take the ceremonies and nominations seriously, while ‘under the lights’.

However, as in life, there are some parts of the awards world which fall between the cracks.

Here’s a list of some ‘under the radar’ award celebrations, which some in society deem worthwhile, televised or not: (more…)

Life Lessons from Angie Tribeca

It’s easy to have mixed feelings about a TV cop show (this one from TBS), including a comedic take like Angie Tribeca.

So far it has broadcast two seasons, albeit of ten episodes each, and likely will have at least one more.

It is uniquely placed in the current landscape due to its throwback focus on sight gags, supported by verbal puns, irony, etc., often delivered at rapid fire pace.  (more…)

Green Buys & Cyber

(with apologies & deference to The Outlaws, ‘Green Grass & High Tides’)

In ‘honour’ of Cyber Monday

At a time we really count on

When the shipping may be free

Silver ear phones, golden earrings

Fill the orders, plain to see (more…)

Ode to Leonard Cohen

When I was a student at McGill in Montreal in the early 1970s, alumnus Leonard Cohen had already begun his journey as a balladeer and writer. He was known to pop by the university periodically, and I did see him once talking with someone on Sherbrooke St. at a corner of the campus.

For any of us from the Montreal area, he was in the forefront of exploring themes relating to love, death, freedom, and contemplation. (more…)