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With both the Canadian and Ontario governments releasing budgets this past week, it’s interesting to scrutinize some proposed measures which seem to have slipped by initial reporting

  • Potholes in roads outside municipal jurisdiction will be eligible for naming rights once they are filled in
  • Visitors to the respective Parliament buildings will be permitted to claim a recycling credit for any loose garbage or flyers they pick up and take away
  • Voting on suggested themes for $9 and $19 circulation coins will commence later this year
  • Any complete four-leaf clovers found should be donated to the nearest treasury or revenue office, as these departments need all the luck they can get
  • Northern travel within the country will entitle the higher taxpayer to once-per-trip credits for footwear and clothing, if made in Canada
  • Adopting as a pet a national animal symbol such as a beaver or a caribou, will be supported by a federal pet food subsidy (only applies outside urban borders)
  • Every phone call or email to a provincial government minister’s office of a complimentary nature will put the contact’s name in a monthly draw for bronze-plated lawn signs
  • Expansion of the province’s retail liquor distribution network will rise in accordance with increasingly disappointing budget deficits
  • Money for infrastructure spending will be deemed to include the décor for committee meeting rooms
  • The LOVE (Low Occupancy Vehicle Expectation) program will be introduced for Ontario rural roads, with barter incentives for driving within 10 kph of the posted limit
  • A recycled educational materials initiative will reintroduce previously purchased text materials from recent decades, with the seller responsible for highlighting outdated information
  • Service fees will be implemented for taking pictures with national monuments or buildings; this will begin as an honour system, with cash drop-off boxes and a dedicated website



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