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Clichés Upgraded – Part LI


The end of Leap Year February is on the horizon, so time to ‘march’ on with updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • You may have rehearsed your delivery, but the resounding silence votes that’s no joke
  • Because of the inevitable change in their composition, things aren’t what they used to be
  • We threw a curve ball for them, since the dancers are all fans of baseball
  • If the third time’s a charm just imagine how elegant the first time is
  • There’s no place like home for horses which always seem to finish the race runner-up
  • To say things are thick as pea soup is really just splitting pods
  • It’s O.K. to think outside the box, as long as you finish your labours inside the box
  • We had to get a third wheel once our nephew was aware each of his cousins had one
  • There’s no time, like the present you’re giving and just hope for the best
  • There’s a thorn in my side pocket, so take my keys out carefully

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