Creative commentary plus crafty composition


‘Out-of-the-box’ Goals to aim for in 2016:

  • Lose weight by trimming your bling
  • Organize your files in non-alphabetical order for a greater research challenge
  • Add ethereal, esoteric accreditations on your business card
  • Invent a new species and become its ruler
  • Take a course on empathy and feel superior to those who don’t
  • Take unplanned and unfinanced trips to make them more adventurous
  • Read books with no more than two pictures in them
  • Devote an extra solid five minutes to your workout to make up for socializing time
  • Offer to help people across the street, then use powers of persuasion if they are reluctant
  • Combine exotic foods at random, then consume vast quantities without stomach medication handy  

Meanwhile, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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