Creative commentary plus crafty composition


Time to celebrate the end of the year, and be ‘taken’ by more updated clichés (with originals in italics):

  • If your walkway needs more lift, take a step back from the stack in the garage and add it in front
  • Once you take care of your knitting a new yarn to tell the public, maybe they’ll give you some slack
  • Don’t let her have the satisfaction of taking it to the limit of your patience
  • Take the plunge of the stock market for now in stride if you want a chance for better long-term returns
  • Just try to take it from me if you think you deserve it more than I do
  • By only taking it with a grain of salt you won’t really upset your sodium chloride limit
  • We’re short of nets, so someone needs to break into the shop and take one for the team
  • If he didn’t let his hands get so sticky it wouldn’t be such a problem to take the gloves off
  • Let’s put up with taking the bull by the horns of the raucous New Year’s Eve crowd, so it will seem like we’re playing along
  • The megalomaniac meteorologist tried to take the world by storm after his attempts to influence high tides didn’t work   

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