Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The world famous, innovative Royal Canadian Mint has expanded its range of subjects for collectible coins in recent years, some issued in series.  However, there remain many less culturally or historically profiled subjects which might engage a larger arena of buyers: such as via these series (in pure silver, except as noted)…

  • Government office waiting areas
  • The many colours of city water-front water (illuminated with glow-in-the-dark technology)
  • Paint chip samples of autos of the late twentieth century (gold-plated)
  • Memories of Y2K challenges and fears (accented with hologram technology)
  • Successfully invasive weed species (with innovative allergen-speck relief)
  • Recovered works of unknown street artists (with enamel colouring)
  • Bird seed spill mosaics around popular feeders
  • The non-wooden history of park benches (with gold inserts)
  • Topographical maps of unpaved rural roads (with laser-enhanced relief)
  • Defunct, beloved sports franchises (with authentic colour logos)

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