Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The Rules – reputation:

(a) “If you do things that get you a certain reputation, when you come up in a meeting or discussion, you can get shut off very quickly.  If you have a reputation for being difficult, if you have a reputation for threatening to sue people, if you have a reputation for not being able to deliver, then where there’s a discussion around a table, someone will say, ‘I heard this’, or ‘I heard that’, and they’ll go on to the next choice.”

(b) “I think it’s very, very important to cultivate real personal relationships, because those are the things that really count when people are starting to put projects together. Who do they like? Who do they wanna work with? Who do they wanna hang with? You know, that’s very important. Even if they don’t get you what you want right away, just keep workin’ the rooms, and keep in touch with people. And if they ever do somethin’ good for you, let ‘em know that you’re really very grateful.”

(c) “Well, you can get a fairly good reputation as a screenwriter without really having a lot of credits, because people may have read work you’ve done that was actually very good work – it just didn’t happen to get made.

There are all kinds of reasons why scripts don’t get made.

But because the script may have circulated, a lot of agents around [Hollywood] have read it, a lot of executives and studios around town may have read it, and a lot of financing entities.  And they may have liked it.  They may have thought, ‘I’d like to work with this writer sometime’.”

                                  Excerpted with quotes : (a) Michael January & (b) Michael Wolk & (c) David S. Ward   

                                                                              Tales from the Script (2010)

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