Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Autumn is definitely in vogue, so time to fall into more enriched clichés (with the originals in italics):

  • If you sit tight you might just barely make it into your airline seat these days
  • Well, you threw it there in a fit of pique, so it’s up to you to retrieve that skate on thin ice
  • Playing bridge in hot weather, if you win a slam dunk yourself in the pool as a reward
  • They should use more clothes to cover up those unsightly skeletons in the closet
  • Before wearing it let the slip through your fingers to check out the comfort of the material
  • Since you need two sizes of eggs, take six of one, half a dozen of another from a larger box
  • Seeing how a determined ‘Slow and steady’ wins the race proves this pepped up turtle really can compete
  • If it’s really that slippery slope your feet sideways to get a better grip  
  • His self-serving goal is to be as sly as a fox would surely appreciate
  • Small potatoes are appealing, as they take up less room in the ground and are less work to prepare

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