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TOP 10 Labour Day Activities

The range of what people might be doing on Labour Day varies considerably

  • Dust off the gym card and join the legions of sporadic exercisers
  • Rest up and psych up for pending labour intensive schoolwork assistance with children
  • Discover new couch potato positions for watching sports
  • Reminisce about how much more fun the foggy memories of past holidays suggest
  • Break out the seldom worn TGIT t-shirts
  • Read up on the history of Labour Day in case you’re interviewed by a desperate TV reporter
  • Participate in strenuous outdoor activities to reinforce this is a day of relaxation
  • Eat and drink in sufficient quantities to be too ill to go into work or school on Tuesday
  • Take some lawn chairs to watch undisturbed those who do have to work today
  • Get plenty of duct tape ready to patch up the uncompleted summer projects

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