Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Clichés Upgraded – Part XL

It’s the transitional Labour Day weekend, so here’s celebrating with more enriched clichés (with the originals in italics):

  • For a problem lasting as long as the seven year itch you have to cope with trying lots of medication
  • Shoot the breeze if you’re such a hot-to-trot firearms expert
  • Shoot yourself in the foot of the impressive gorge for a picturesque backdrop
  • You can reach the spot directly if you scratch your back with the short end of the stick
  • It’s probably thanks to a short fuse that the welding didn’t hold the multi-level sculpture together
  • She’s a peach in that she loves to wear fuzzy pink and orange jumpsuits filled with helium
  • Show some backbone if you want us to believe you’re recreated the full skeleton
  • Let’s try giving it a shot in the dark to see if that pulsating golf ball will work
  • Apparently he keeps forgetting that it’s there, so if we show him the door he won’t crack the frame
  • I know that’s a long-range weapon, but shooting for the moon is still completely unrealistic

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