Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The Rules – the new reality:

(a) “A corporate style of conducting business has been imposed upon the movie industry, which used to leave room for the disruptions of talent. It is stunning to see how cleverly everything has been assigned a number value, and any idea
is immediately dissected into numbers representing the stars, the subject matter, the possible disposition of it in various media, countries, ancillaries…it totally neglects whether it’s going to be done well or not.”

(b) “There was a crisis of confidence, right around the late sixties.  The big studio films had started flopping…and the indie films had started making money… There was a real sense of insecurity in the executive suites as to what people wanted to see…

(Things) changed in the early eighties…(with) the whole concept of market research.

…once you introduce the concept of market research, then you start down a road where filmmakers are moved out of the executive suites, and bit by bit the money managers are moved in.  Now the big film conglomerates are run by people who know the money game, but not the filmmaking game.”

(c) “One of the sad things that’s happening in film and television is that this is our mythmaking structure.  Culture tends to need myths, and it tends to need storytelling… sometimes we shortchange ourselves by making the kinds of movies…that have no real cultural concept except to make money or sell theme park rides.”

Excerpted w/quotes from (a) Richard Rush & (b) Paul Schrader & (c) Daniel Pyne 

        Tales from the Script (2010)

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