Creative commentary plus crafty composition

A new month, time to look into more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • Since it got damaged, we’re out of the frying pan which does the best job cooking scrambled eggs
  • They love to live out on the plain and simple is the lifestyle they want
  • With all the tree cutting, the children are out of the woods most convenient to play hide and seek in
  • Let’s test the how strong your lobes are, play it by ear with no use of hands or facial muscles  
  • The diner design was poor, since one goes out to lunch but in to pay the bill
  • If you play the hand your dealt, you’ll have lots of fingers to make throat music
  • He tried to prove his strength by tossing the boulder over the hill, but it rolled back down again
  • Repetition is a sign of ignorance, and I have to remind people of this over and over again
  • Since the first is a minute fiddle, the band can make up time if you play second fiddle
  • The fisherman presumed that plenty of other fish in the sea would be less fussy than the local varieties avoiding his bait

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