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Happy Anniversary – to ‘The Watch of Time’!

Today, June 4, 2015 marks the first anniversary of this blog site.  (I also had my annual check-up this morning, but that’s not an event to be particularly enjoyed or celebrated, especially after reaching a certain age threshold.)

The first posting June 4th last year was a slightly edited version of a letter to the editor published in a local city newspaper, titled “A Doktor in the House”.  As befits the predominant slant of subsequent entries, it included a somewhat satirical tone.

The most recent posting, one of the series of ‘Clichés Upgraded’, also features the tongue-in-cheek approach I personally enjoy, entertaining and clever, a sentiment I hoped is shared by anyone checking out these posts.

In this blog’s first year, here are a few statistics of note:

  • Insofar as entries archived by category (includes postings in more than one archive): ARTS COMMENTARY = 60 / HUMOUR & satire = 77 / PICTURES (speak volumes) = 10 / SOCIAL/POLITICAL COMMENTARY = 57 / TOP 10 LISTS = 22
  • The overwhelming views have been from Canada and the U.S., but there have also been multiples views from Russia and Kenya, as well as views from France, Ghana, and The Philippines
  • The most popular topics based on views to date have been the series ‘Memorable Quotes’ and ‘Clichés Upgraded’; the most popular individual posting was my review of the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show

I also would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to express comments, and to those of you who indicated ‘likes’.

Here’s looking forward to the next year of who-knows-what…

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