Creative commentary plus crafty composition

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  • Increase the fun of introducing people by randomly selecting the order of their names
  • If you’re meeting someone with impressive professional credentials, quickly make up some for yourself
  • If someone mispronounces your name, smile softly, take the person by the arm, then a kindly shove into the storage room
  • When having to use a name tag, inject some levity by sticking it sideways on your pants
  • Show your range of knowledge by changing the subject constantly
  • Try some unusual body language messaging, like rotating the Vulcan hand greeting or snapping a tune on your knees
  • Switch a few false contacts so that maintaining eye contact is a more colourful experience
  • Don’t hesitate to use smooth transitional phrases such as “You talkin’ to me?”, “I wish it was interesting when you say that “, or “Tsk, tsk, tsk”
  • To ensure someone doesn’t lose your business card, grab their wallet or purse and stick it in
  • If you need to fix up an old business card before handing it out, avoid the temptation to spit and polish

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