Creative commentary plus crafty composition

In honour of someone very special which occurs one day a year…

  • Help your mother put the dishes away after she washes them
  • When getting a cake or ice cream pie, ensure that it has at least one flavour she likes
  • If you are still living with her, use a TV commercial break to remind her how important she is to you
  • If you are living away from her, make sure your phone message is full of warmth
  • Remember all the sacrifices she made for you by granting her a yearly wish
  • Be responsible: replace all the cleaners, towels, and liquor you ‘borrowed’ over the years
  • When you take her out to a restaurant don’t expect her to pay for more than the tip
  • Throw a surprise party and write the speech she unexpectedly has to deliver
  • Take her to her favourite shopping mall and return within a half hour of when she asks
  • If you witness a mother struggling alone with her children on the street, give her a rousing cheer of encouragement

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