Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The season’s heating up with more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • You better rest up your limbs this afternoon, a one night stand is really tough on the legs
  • If you try flashing on a school bus in winter it will amount to once in a blue moon
  • Watching a pair of hunters pass the buck gives you an idea of just how strong those guys are
  • We can start on the eat shortly after your mama is finished on the make
  • My tongue seems to lean to one side so I have a doctor working on the tip of my tongue
  • It’s easier to pass with flying colours if you have a rainbow painted on your car
  • You can only use a ladder if you want to place those brushes on the up and up
  • Paying lip service makes sense when the musicians play trombones, trumpets, and clarinets
  • When you spill milky flakes on a paper tiger, you may get a frosty reception
  • If you get lost finding the path of least resistance then you’re probably trying too hard

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