Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Effective storytelling helps illustrate any theme which benefits from being relatable…  

  • Monochrome clothing is acceptable, monotone delivery is not
  • Make it easier to relate to people by not being hoisted on your own petard
  • It’s a good idea to practice speaking with different vocal inflections, so those voices in your head may prove useful
  • When pausing for effect, don’t leave the button down too long
  • Remember, the most important parts of the story are the beginning, the ending, and the sponsored transitions
  • For the illusion of 3D, have character conflicts acted out by members of the audience
  • When acting as an interpretive reader, it’s not necessary to engage in spirit possession
  • Have updated medical protection if you take it upon yourself to tickle the audience’s funny bones
  • Use a foreboding tone when speaking about medical science, politics, or relatives
  • Have alternative endings available to enhance repeat audience business

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