Creative commentary plus crafty composition

I have a friend who is being compelled to move from her longstanding residence shortly, due to a very unfortunate set of circumstances. She is quite unhappy, having to give up the apartment, albeit in a creaky old house, given its scenic, multidirectional view, but the environment has become untenable.

One of the constants of life is change – but some changes are much earlier to adapt to than others.

It’s often difficult to get the message that time maybe, or is, up. One of the toughest decisions is to commit to response.

Still, there can be some obvious signs that it’s time to move on…

  • You need to rest up before walking to your new parking space
  • Talk around ‘the water cooler’ never flows to you
  • Your wardrobe rotation becomes the subject of intra-office betting
  • The ‘welcome’ mats have morphed into ‘please pass through’ ones
  • Your social profile has been moved to the dark side
  • Your feedback is kept up-to-date in a back file in the basement
  • Panhandlers keep looking past you
  • Your logic is falling on more and more dead ears
  • A little voice inside starts slapping you in the face
  • The entire neighbourhood has changed except you

Hopefully, it’s not too late to see the light.

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