Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Diverse Goals to take on in 2017:

  1. Lose weight by trimming your bling or dysfunctional cosmetic implants, whichever is heavier
  2. Organize your files in non-alphabetical order to increase the impact of random chance
  3. Post a list of resolutions in declining font size and brightness so the later ones can be overlooked more easily
  4. Add a microchip in your business card so it will whine if a week passes without the recipient handling it
  5. Invent a new species and become its trusted advisor in bilateral negotiations
  6. Memorize the first and last lines of book chapters so you sound like you are well read
  7. Hang up a world map as a dart board to select your travel destinations
  8. Develop your own social networking site and then turn it into a secret society
  9. Get a special phone number for keeping script-bound service providers on indefinite hold
  10. Take back-to-back courses on empathy and callousness, then have a point-counterpoint debate with yourself

Concurrently, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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