Creative commentary plus crafty composition

‘Twere the days before Christmas, and all through the land                             Many people were busy, last chores still at hand

Arrangements for family, for travel near and far                                                    Whether by transit or by train, air, or car

Whatever the weather, neither snow, sleet, nor rain                                          Would stop the festivities to come, this is plain

Decorations appearing from those late to the mood                                              Helped ensure time would be left to get beverage and food

With the calendar now showing just a few days to go                                    ‘Twas time to be ready should stress really grow

Finish assignments, be they work, school, or play                                                And pick them up again on an aftermath day

The daylight is shortened, bulbs brighten the night                                                      Past the solstice, moving back to give us more light

But meanwhile, both inside and outside do shine                                        Thanks to rainbows of colours we work to align

Last couple of plans are left to achieve                                                                      In a couple of days it is Christmas Eve

Traffic patterns convert, one rush hour till dark                                                     Then continue beyond where there’s still place to park

A sense of last minute desperation takes hold                                                      On those who delay till the deadlines unfold

‘Should I give this or that, will it fill well in their space?                                         Or will it become another item hidden someplace?’

Intentions to be good and to treat others well                                                     Mean we just might have to keep at it a spell

Then the Eve is upon us, business time drops                                                       At least for the next while, family focus is tops

There are those who get started on the Eve night itself                                                If such family tradition comes down from the shelf

However we live through the what, where, and when                                      Before we know it these days pass once again

Hopefully, we’ll have done our part to make life better                                        For those we know and care for, now and forever


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