Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Living an Acronym Filled Life

Very much tied into modern life and communication is the precept of getting messages across in a timely, i.e. brief and abbreviated, manner.

A few decades ago, frequently based on clever, easy-to-remember terms for technology, acronyms became resplendently immersed in our societal landscape.  One of the early favourites was ‘laser’, the one word short form for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’, the longer version not a favourite of non-scientists.

One which has become a mainstay in more recent times is already a bookmark of the internet associated with website access, namely HTML. This stands for the less-than-familiar, technical phrase, Hypertext Markup Language.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be a patent on even iconic word forms like laser. According to website, there are at least four other variations for the meaning of laser, albeit still relating to science. Good luck motivating the public to learn them!

However, it’s the amazingly quick translation, in the new millennium, to short form thinking and expression, especially among those under 30 years of age, which has elevated a stem or descriptor level of communication to everyday language. Twitter is a now accepted as a quick response vehicle for updating information or opinion, making its impact increasingly unavoidable. Whether ultimately good or bad, it’s deemed a vital route by many.

So, how far can this go in the way we express our life journey – for instance, with respect to a preparatory element of the upcoming holiday season:

The SHENPALO1 was ECVE2 – except, of course for the MOTTE3 SNS4 near the front entrances. It only took three trips STTS5 to find one just as it freed up, seconds BAVA6, ready to grab onto the prize.

The HOP7 a memory, I trudged along into the first LOS8. No sooner did I push through the BEDO9 than I encountered both a TOFS10 along with a POSS11, except of course for those protectively HACR12. Fortunately, I knew WIWAB13, so it was just a matter of finding it, HOND14, and work my way BATTT15 to put another BOCCA16. Then, out the door, and on to the NEPA17.   

Yes, so much easier to express things this way…

Legend: 1 = shopping centre parking lot / 2 = extremely crowded, vehicles everywhere / 3 = more of them than essential / 4 = special needs spaces / 5 = searching through the spaces / 6= before another vehicle appeared / 7 = hassle of parking / 8 = large outlet store / 9 = beckoning entry doors / 10 = throng of fellow shoppers / 11 = paucity of service staff / 12 = hovering around the cash registers / 13 = what I wanted to buy / 14 = hopefully not dishevelled / 15 = back through the throng / 16 = burden on my credit card / 17 = next purchase adventure  

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