Creative commentary plus crafty composition


The day is here

  • A kiss makes the heart feel young, but there may still be a role for Botox and a facelift
  • I’m like a kid back in kindergarten, I send out Valentine’s cards with postage due
  • It may be a love-bite, but I’m going to get a shot for it just in case
  • The way to mollify a gift that keeps on giving is by ingesting Kaopectate
  • Cupid’s arrow has a rubber tip on it, because his aim ain’t what it used to be
  • I hope you appreciate this ring as I’m still recovering from the surgery on my tongue
  • Roses are red, fingers are blue, if you take your gloves off, you’ll be there too
  • Everything’s coming up roses, too bad it’s a vegetable garden
  • Remember that death by chocolate is not a long-term pleasure
  • I had to turn over every stone for your gift, as I forgot where I hid it from the authorities

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