Creative commentary plus crafty composition

October’s rich in overlapping sports, so how about more enriched clichés (with the originals in italics):

  • All you need is some concentrated smoke and mirrors will project it to the three dimensions
  • A smoking gun seems to be an argument against both smoking and the proliferation of firearms
  • Anyone who can professionally even out all those creases consistently well is a smooth operator
  • SNAFU doesn’t sound like an appealing name for a new line of pet products
  • A snail’s pace of business is really just a shell game
  • Being forced to clean up that much spilled wite-out is a snow job
  • So close, you can taste it later at home after your shift here 
  • Their reasoning is to solid as a rock is to syrup
  • I know they love their weapons, but to breed a son of a gun raises serious ethical concerns
  • The disc jockey became so smashed at the party he could only make sounds like a broken record

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