Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Yet again this morning a TV host asked the classically prosaic, reaction question of a gold medal winner’s family, namely “How did you feel?”  In such situations, the opportunity to ask more probing, insightful questions is missed, such as…

  • Did he have a shower this morning before the competition?
  • Did she start her long jump career by leaping over her cousins?
  • Are you looking to get even for all the attention being heaped on your younger brother?
  • How soon do you think he’ll start raking in big sponsorship money?
  • Did his love of the water come from having been a bed wetter as a youngster?
  • Are you concerned your twin daughters will compete later for spouses as much as they compete now on the field hockey team?
  • Who’s paying for that fancy hotel room you’re sitting in for this interview?
  • Did she have to diet a lot to get that slim for running?
  • When your brother was starting out, did your mother give him a kiss whenever he fell down to make him feel better?
  • How soon do you think you’ll want to trade in on your success and try to take one of our jobs?

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