Creative commentary plus crafty composition

With the Canadian election campaign creeping on toward October 17th

  • Balance the books, by placing them on the heads of the campaign workers with the most hair, or
  • Balance the books, via resting them on the incoming government party’s platform, since these otherwise unoccupied by firm commitments
  • Increase day care spaces, by putting more chairs and water bottles in each facility
  • Increase the amount and size of conservation areas, by having water trucks f
    ill in newly expanded, previously abandoned, rural ponds
  • Give first-time home buyers a new tax credit, by allowing them to deduct for two years a reasonable rate for the loss of time spent answering unsolicited sales people at the door
  • Allow opportunities for income-splitting income of spouses, by freely providing pads of paper with solid vertical lines down the centre
  • Expand the existing children’s fitness credit, whenever transferring to a supporting parent any prizes or trophies won through their activity
  • Increase the impact of negative tobacco packaging, by legislating tobacco companies to use solid blood-red colouring which turns to brown in 24 hours
  • Increase the commitment to being ‘green’, by freely offering huge batches of mixed yellow and blue paints with paintbrushes, or
  • Increase the commitment to being ‘green’, via absorbing the Green party through a gentle, but uncompromising, takeover

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