Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Almost any business or professional development event seems to request that attendees complete an evaluation form; here are subjects with customized rating scales…

  • The venue was accessible with good acoustics (rate: Imax quality to laundry mat competitor)
  • There was enough ‘elbow room’ between seats in the auditorium (rate: very comfortable to squashed)
  • The opening session set high expectations with incentives to learn (rate: laudable to pedestrian)
  • The middle session provided a lot of valuable tips and information (rate: gold nuggets to pyrite)
  • The special group events were enjoyable evenings (rate: lots of fun to wanted to escape)
  • The food and beverages served at events were of high calibre variety and quality (rate: cordon bleu to picnic leftovers)
  • The speakers’ deliveries were forceful and memorable (rate: mesmerizing to comatose)
  • The closing session motivated me to enhancing self-improvement and better assisting clients (rate: inspirational to same old, same old)
  • The workbook was well organized with headings and space for notes (rate: excellent guide to shortchanged viewfinder)
  • A sufficient number of educational credits were offered (rate: add them up to where’s the beef?)

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